Climate Rap

Yo, you gotta do somethin’ about it.

What’s happening today is climate breakdown, ecological disasters, species lost and mass pollution. They are going to annihilate the planet. But schools are not doing enough about it. We’re not educated enough about it. We’re not talking enough about it. Here’s some rap lines I wrote:

I got the rapper Andu to rap it and write the hook. Andu makes a lot of hiphop/rap and r&b music. He won rap contest and his music is on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud. This is what he wrote for the climate rap:

We’re making a rap video. Stay tuned. Email your email contact to and we will drop you a line when the music video is out.

Update: Music vid is done!

Here’s the lines for you to download and rap:

The science:

If you want to take a test on climate change, click here.

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